Apricot Beauty Mini Facial Patches "Down the Frown"


Never without my patches! We have developed this special size so that our facial
patches made of high-quality cotton with highly effective hyaluron can accompany you
everywhere. On the go in your handbag, when travelling, in your office drawer. Or as a
gift for someone who is very, very angry. Because with regular use, these patches
ensure a smooth, firm and relaxed forehead area. This is clinically proven. Minimal
ingredients – maximal effect
Cotton, lycra, skin friendly adhesive enriched with hyaluronic acid
• Gently smoothen the area to be treated with your fingers
• Remove the protective film
• Place the patch on the area to be treated
• You can also apply them criss-cross
• Enjoy the relaxing effect and action of hyaluronic acid
• Leave the patches on as long as you can or want – but at least for one hour

Delivery period 1-3 working days