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Keep smiling … and smiling and smiling. Because with these mouth patches made of
high-quality cotton, which are enriched with particularly effective hyaluron, you simply
tape away expression lines. The more regularly you apply them, the smoother and
more relaxed your mouth becomes. You can even place them parallel to your
eyebrows – if you’re prone to wrinkles in that area. Perfect starter size to try, give as a
gift or travel with.
Cotton, lycra, skin friendly adhesive enriched with hyaluronic acid
• Gently smoothen the area to be treated with your fingers
• Remove the protective film
• Place the patch on the area to be treated
• You can also apply them criss-cross
• Enjoy the relaxing effect and action of hyaluronic acid.
• Wear the APRICOT Mouth Patches as long as you can and want to – but for at
least one hour.


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Mini Mouth “Keep Smiling”

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