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A unique blend for the body. Glucosamine and proteins enhanced with collagen-specific amino acids,
botanical extracts, choline, and vitamins D and C to support collagen synthesis for active lifestyles.
Supporting and protecting collagen is a key part of all skin renewal and anti-aging rituals.
This innovative Collagyn® is designed to help build and enhance the body’s natural collagen, which
diminishes as we age. Formulated with collagen-specific amino acids, nutrients, and botanical extracts
containing flavanols and polyphenols to help support normal collagen formation and liver function and
provide immune support. With its clever neutral taste, our rejuvenating Naked Collagyn can be added to
any drink or workout smoothie to help power you through your day. Delivering glucosamine and
nutritional support to aid metabolism, muscle tone, joint support and muscle tone. Naked is the perfect
blend for an active and demanding lifestyle. Naked Collagyn also delivers essential vegan nutrients,
prebiotic fibre and is an excellent source of protein for optimal daily wellbeing.

Each 10g serving of our advanced nutrition Collagyn collection provides:
• 1000 ml L-glycine, 500 mg L-proline, 500 mg L-hydroxyproline, 350 mg L-alanine and 250 mg L-arginine
from vegan and fermented sources
• 225 mg buffered vitamin C to support collagen synthesis
• 150 mcg iodine from wild harvested Hebridean seaweed
• 85 mg choline from naturally fermented source
• 40 mcg/1000 IU vitamin D3 from natural algae source
• white tea and hawthorn extracts, rich in protective flavanols and polyphenols

Ingredients: Chickpea protein, glucosamine sulphate, avocado juice powder, chicory root inulin, L-
glycine, L-proline, L-hydroxyproline, L-arginine, wild harvested Hebridean seaweed, L-alanine, vitamin C

(magnesium ascorbate), L-choline bitartrate, pea protein, brown rice protein, white tea extract,
hawthorn extract, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
Usage: Mix 10g (2 to 3 tsp) into a paste and top up with 150 ml of hot or cold plant milk, water or simply
add to a smoothie. Take daily for optimal results.


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Naked Collagyn

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