Apricot Beauty Nasolabial Pads "A Reason to Smile"


Hopefully there are enough reasons to laugh. But for laughter wrinkles from now on no
more! The “a reason to smile” reusable pads made of pure medical silicone are
enriched with highly effective hyaluron, smooth the entire area between nose and chin
and support you exactly where you need it.
Clean them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 30 treatments
out of one pad. The more often you use them, the smoother and brighter your eyes
will shine. It is clinically proven. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.
Dimethicone (carrier material), hyaluronic acid

• Clean the skin area to be treated: it should be dry and clean – without make-

• Gently spread out existing wrinkles in the nasoalbial area with your fingers and
stick the pads on.
• Let it work for at least an hour
• After use, keep your pad on the foil and in the sachet bag.
• You can clean it occasionally with mild soap under lukewarm running water.

Delivery period 1-3 working days