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This bundle includes three of our signature Collagyn products – Naked Collagyn, Radiant Collagyn, and Inspired Collagyn.

Naked Collagyn is the perfect partner for sporty and active lifestyles, blended with MCT, MSM, and glucosamine, and containing essential vegan nutrients for optimal daily well-being.

Radiant Collagyn is an indulgent blend designed to deeply nourish your skin from within, with a delicious vibrant berry flavor and key essential vegan nutrients.

Inspired Collagyn is a comforting Ayurvedic-inspired blend with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper, along with restorative adaptogenic ashwagandha, to support stress resilience and cognitive function.

Together, this Vegan Bundle offers a complete wellness package to support a variety of lifestyles and needs.


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Ultimate Vegan Bundle
Vegan Bundle

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