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Sensitivity of the skin
during the winter months

Winter blues are a real thing. Yes, it’s a scientifically proven fact. If you’re not feeling it, your skin certainly is. So, why is your skin behaving strangely during winter?

Isn’t there some kind of defense built into your skin? This is referred to as a “Lipid Barrier.” Your Lipid Barrier is made up of corneocytes (dead skin cell layers) and lipids (the skin’s natural fats) and serves as a protective barrier against the outside world and all of its harsh aggressors..

It also serves other important functions, such as retaining and maintaining adequate moisture levels in the skin to keep it looking radiant and healthy. A variety of environmental and lifestyle factors are constantly putting our lipid barrier to the test. This is exacerbated in the winter by the cold weather and our subsequent lifestyle choices to stay warm.

These winter activities deplete the lipid barrier of its lipids, jeopardizing the barrier’s ability to protect your skin and retain moisture.

When your skin’s lipid-barrier is damaged, you’ll know something isn’t right. When the skin
is not adequately protected, it manifests itself in a variety of ways:

* Breakouts
* Rough skin texture
* Increased sensitivity
* Dry skin / tight skin /flaking skin
* Fine lines
* Eczema / dermatitis /rosacea / other
* Inflammatory skin conditions


We think it’s safe to say that your lipid barrier might just need a helping hand this winter to keep functioning properly. Do you agree?

What do we recommend?

We think it’s safe to say that your lipid barrier might just need a helping hand this winter to keep functioning properly. Do you agree?

If you do, then follow these tips:

1.Reduce the Heat – Even though it might be appealing, blowing hot air directly onto skin that has been exposed to cold air is one of the worst things you can do.

2. Reduce hot water exposure – Another very alluring winter vice is taking a 20-minute, scorching-hot shower to warm up. This is a surefire way to destroy the lipid barrier of your skin. Limit the duration to no more than five minutes, and then immediately begin your skincare routine.

3. Buy Humidifiers – To increase the amount of moisture in the air around you, buy a humidifier if you can. The additional humidity in the air will keep your skin from drying out. The ideal setting is somewhere around60%.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen – Your skin will still absorb the majority of the sun’s UV rays even though it may feel cooler. Clouds can allow up to 80% of UVA and UVB radiation through.

5. Listen to your skin – We cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to trust your gut when it comes to your skin. In order to understand how your skin is functioning, you must be able to recognize the various signs and signals it sends.


Products you can use


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