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Your hands help you every day. Let us help your helping hands. Our anti-aging pads are
made from pure medical grade silicone, enriched with highly effective hyaluronic acid.
Clean them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 30 treatments
out of one pad. The more often you use them, the smoother your hands will be. It is
clinically proven. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.


PADS dimethicone (as carrier material), hyaluronic acid


• Remove the hand pads on the foil from the packaging
• The back of your hand should be dry and free of grease.
• Form a gentle fist to smooth the back of your hand
• Place the pad on the back of your hand.
• Repeat this with the second pad.
• Apply the pads for at least one hour – preferably longer to enhance the effect.
• The longer and more regularly you use the pads, the more lastingly your skin
will regenerate

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