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The ultimate combination of our True MCT Oil and True Collagen Powder.

Our True MCT Oil is designed to provide a quick and clean source of energy, with a beautifully balanced blend of 60% C8 (caprylic acid) and 40% C10 (capric acid). Sourced entirely from coconuts with no palm oil or lauric acid and extracted without solvents or chemicals, it’s the perfect addition to any ketogenic diet or nootropic routine.

Our True Collagen Powder is clinically researched, easily digestible, and highly absorbable. Tasteless and odorless, it can be easily added to hot or cold drinks, workout smoothies, or sprinkled onto food. It’s a real hero product for active lifestyles and beauty rituals, effortlessly nourishing the body and skin from within.

Together, our Pure Performance Bundle offers the purest collagen and a clean source of energy to support your active lifestyle and beauty routine.


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ultimate Collagen Bundle
Ultimate Collagen Bundle

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